Every year since 1978

Students' Nobel NightCap, SNNC, is the continuation of the Nobel Banquet on 10 December. It is arranged entirely by university students and is run on a purely voluntary basis. Since the start in 1978, the party has grown and is today an established part of Nobel Week, and something that most of the guests at the Nobel Banquet visit. Here, the Nobel laureates and their guests are given a chance to relax from the constant press during Nobel Week and at the same time the students get an opportunity to take part in the celebration, as well as the legacy of Alfred Nobel. In addition to Nobel laureates and students, the event is also visited by academics, politicians and other prominent people.

Unlike the banquet, no journalists are invited, and photography is prohibited. The same dress code prevails as during the rest of the Nobel party. Many students also choose to wear a student hat. The event is bordered by a secret theme that is only revealed when guests enter the venue.

The four student unions in Stockholm; Stockholm University's student union, the University of Technology's student union, the Medical Association and the School of Business's student union, take turns arranging Students' Nobel NightCap. Thus, each university gets the chance to arrange the event every four years.